Golden Gods Awards Rock Online May 28th

About a month ago, Rob Zombie had the pleasure and the honor to present rock legend Alice Cooper with a lifetime achievement award just a few weeks after he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Rob Zombie has presented many awards in the past at various awards ceremonies, but said no honor […]

Amy Winehouse Just Say No Girl

You may not have heard the name Amy Winehouse recently, but if you have it probably wasn’t due to her music career.  The U.K. pop star has recently checked into rehab –again- at the urge of her father, just before she leaves to go on tour in Europe. Winehouse has admittedly had a problem with drugs […]

Rock Online Drummers That are Lead Singers

Drummers That are Lead Singers I was listening to Cowboy Mouth, no hell no NOT SMASHMOUTH, anyway it got me thinking about bands that have lead singers that are also the drummer. They are definitely a rare breed and there’s some that come to mind but I was wondering if any of the Rock Online […]

Rock and Women

Rock and Women One of the main reasons that guys get into music is of course, the women. What is it about rock and roll and musicians that really gets a woman’s blood going? Is it that musicians are sensitive or unobtainable? Is there one thing that can be pinpointed in the life of a […]

Rob Rusli, Sound Designer and Producer

Rob Rusli, Sound Designer and Producer

One of the new, talented artists that we are following is Rob Rusli.  Rob is an American producer, composer and sound designer.  Rob is creating some amazing waves in the musical industry and has received several awards for his work.  He is currently living in Brooklyn, NY and recently worked on a web series entitled The Silent City.  The music is in this series is very haunting, driven and perfectly fits the apocalyptic Mad Max / The Walking Dead ambiance that the series projects. Android Music Apps that Rock

NickelbackI use an Anroid HTC and one of the first apps I downloaded was Pandora.  There’s a lot of great music apps for download and some of them are free.  If you have an Android here are some really great music apps that you should check out.  SoundHound, Planet Rock, Rock Music Triva.  Then of course I had to get a great background so I spent a dollar or two and loaded the Van Halen Theme.

One of the more functional apps that will run you about two dollars is Ultimate Guitar Tabs.  This app gives you access to guitar tabs that you can find online for free, but it lets you save them and it has a few features that come in handy when you are practicing.  It autoscrolls your tabs so you can follow along.  It also lets you share your favorite tabs with your buds.

If you get a chance check out some of these great music apps and a few more like Rock Quotes  and Classic Rock Music Trivia.

What are Shows Like American Idol Doing to Rock?

rock onlineAre shows like American Idol hurting or helping the rock industry?  It’s hard to say, but it seems to be making a cookie cutter impression on rock and letting the supposedly next big start to be chosen by millions of tweens or anyone with a cell phone.  If you have ever followed a Rock band from their meager start in dive bars or playing at proms, then you understand what it’s really like to be a fan.  While there is some of that element in shows like American Idol, it just isn’t the same.  The contribution of a phone call to boost a contestants career just can’t compare with standing front stage, cheering on a talented rock star that you paid twelve bucks or more to see.  That is a direct contribution to the career of that rock star just like buying a tshirt or their cd is a direct contribution.

American Idol just isn’t the same and it is trying to bottle a feeling that just cannot be contained.  That feeling is rocking out at a rock show, hanging with the band after the show, travelling city to city just to hear another killer concert.  That feeling can never be marketed on television or sold in stores, its a live only experience.

rock online Motorhead

rock onlineMotorHead is a heavy metal rock band formed in Britian in 1975. The band has been through a number of different members with the creator, Ian Fraser Kilmister also known as Lemmy, has maintained the only one who has stayed all the way through.
The rock and roll band experienced a lot of success in the 1980’s with many singles topping the UK top 40 chart and has found great success on Radio 1in Britain as well as KissFM in the US. The band has produced over 20 albums since their creation through a series of different labels. The most recent album “The World Is Yours” was just released in 2010, and the band plans on accompanying it with a tour to take place in the America’s in 2011.
The most recent performance was in early march 2011 on the Jimmy Fallon show. This coming August the band plans on playing at the Brutal Assault which is an open air music festival being held in the Czech Republic.



Do Canadian Bands Rock or Suck?

NickelbackNickleback, a rock band based out of Canada, has begun the songwriting process for a new album which has yet to have a release date announced, however it is hoped to be sometime before the end of 2011. Their last album was entitled the “Dark Horse” and was released in 2008 followed by a national tour. So far the band has debuted six albums since 1996.

The band, which began in 1995 has had a series of successful songs in a variety of music genres. While they started out as a primarily alternative rock band, throughout the almost 20 years they do a barrel roll and since then have been together they have sampled many other genres including pop and country.

The group has sold over thirty million records across the globe and even made the top ten in the “Artists of the Decade” article written in Billboard Magazine. The band was even chosen to perform their hit “Burn it To the Ground” at the 2010 Winter Olympics ceremony.

pearl jam

Does Pearl Jam Still Rock?

pearl jamPearl Jam, a rock band that gained popularity in the early 90’s is working on a new album hopefully to be released sometime in 2011. The band, while it remains intact, has also been working on a variety of side projects including solo tours and being a part of others smaller rock bands.

That being said, it hasn’t stopped them from filming a new documentary on the well-known rockers. The documentary is produced by Cameron Crowe and will be coupled with a new official book. In addition the band is planning a weekend festival in celebration of the groups twentieth year of rocking.

The recording of the new album is scheduled to start in April and will be a follow up album to the one debuted in 2009 entitled Backspacer. While the dates of the weekend long Pearl Jam festival have yet to be made official, it looks like it will take place over Labor Day weekend.