1960′s Rock Music

1960′s Rock Music

Rock and Roll changed the music industry.  It brought vocals, electric guitars, a powerful backbeat, and the occasional sax.  It was a revolutionary idea and brought out a crazy side that many people were longing for. The origins of the term Rock and Roll refer to the motions of a ship, and has since been a symbol for dancing, singing and adventure.  The sixties had some incredible rock artists that helped boost the popularity of rock music to where it is today.


You could say that heavy rock, metal rock, and punk rock all got their start with the sixties music scene.  Many of the songs from this era have been able to stand the test of time, even with all the new genres of music making a statement.  In spite all of this new music, these old bands are still recognized for their contributions to the world of sound.  Rock music first gained popularity with Elvis Presley in the fifties and gained a lot of momentum.  The 1960\’s rock music scene was taken over by a group from across the sea; The Beatles.  After the Beatles immortalized Rock and Roll, it would never be the same.   They brought a sort of frenzy to the world of rock that no one had ever seen before.  With the wide usage of television they got a lot of press from the news and dance shows.  Other bands that were able to capitalize on the success of the Beatles were the Rolling Stones and Keith Emerson.  These Rock Stars ended up becoming legends and still have thousands of followers. 

The 1960\’s were a very influential time period.  Woodstock was created, and the meshing of drugs and music created a sort of hallucinogen craze.  Concerts became a lifestyle more than an event, and people religiously followed their favorite rock stars around the country.  Lyrics and song ideas became increasingly more strange and unique.  It is hard to say if this helped enhance or dilute the actual musical talent of the decade, but all in all it seems to have worked out for the better.

With all of the talent of the sixties it is no wonder they are still renowned in the world of rock today.  Heavy metal, punk rock, and metal rock, all pay tribute to the rock stars of old.  1960\’s rock music changed the way we listen to music today, and is still being listened to.  So next time you turn on the radio or listen to rock online, remember where Rock and Roll started and how it influenced the bands you are currently listening to.