1970′s Rock Music

1970′s Rock Music

Today, rock bands are a dime a dozen. A rock band consists of electric guitars, a lead singer, bass guitarist, and a drummer, usually forming a quartet. Some bands have less than this and others have more. Sometimes the singer also plays an instrument, which also adds to their sound. One thing that every rock band strives for is to stand out. Creative lyrics and a unique sound help make a band stand out from all the rest. 1970′s rock music seems to stand out from other decades in terms of unique and impressive rock and roll. There were some amazing artists that helped boost this music genre and mold it into what it is today.


In the early seventies, rock music developed a bunch of different subgenres. It blended with blues to create blues rock, with folk to create folk rock and so on. The seventies brought together funk, soul, latin, and soft sounds. This is where punk rock, heavy rock, metal rock and other rock music really was formed. This decade became popular because people were searching for something genuine and classic.

1970\’s rock music gave us some of the best music of our time. Bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and Black Sabbath are some examples of heavy rock of that era. Other influential bands from that period include Pink Floyd, The Moody Blues, The Sex Pistols, Aerosmith, James Taylor, The BeeGees, Queen, The Eagles, and even Michael Jackson. The seventies is known for incredible high strung guitar solos and fingerpicking finesse. No other decade has given us the quality and grace of the 1970′s rock era.  There were also some big divisions such as Disco.  It was a totally different kind of funk music that had a style and a flair all its own.  Disco kind of branched off and became it’s own entity while rock music kept on going to a harder and grungier style.

Overall, the seventies were one of the greatest music eras of all time.  There were many different branches of music that spread out and eventually became a big part of our culture.  A for rock and roll, it would never be the same.  The seventies defined Heavy metal, punk rock, metal rock, amid blues rock and made each category a defining part of the musical genre.  In order to really appreciate what the seventies have done for the music scene, you need to listen to the music and appreciate the artists.  Try getting online and checking out websites that play seventies music and become familiar with the classics.