1980′s Rock Music

1980′s Rock Music

The eighties were a time of rebellion and loud screaming.  Most of the rock music from this era is loud and anti-authority.  It was a way to release the pressures of the world and just get it all out of your head for a few minutes.  The eighties were not like the seventies or sixties because the music took more of a grunge turn.  Bands of this time started having extremely long hair and wearing ridiculous outfits.  This was more of a statement than anything, showing that they didn’t care what anybody thought of them.  This is the overall theme of Rock and Roll music, to have a good time and not worry about what the world thinks.  The eighties brought to life the loud and rowdy side of rock and roll and made it very popular.  This was a good lead in to blues rock, punk rock, metal rock, and other forms of rock music that we listen to today.

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It seems that 1980\s rock music is making a comeback here in the twenty first century.  Many college campuses and clubs have “80′s Night” where people dress up in leotards, headbands, sweats, and neon colors to come and dance to eighties music.  It has become a very popular theme, and it’s apparent that they styles of the eighties are fun to recreate and make fun of.  The music kind of reflects these trends by mocking authority and all other mainstream opinions.

One great way to get into the spirit of eighties rock music is to use the internet.  There are hundreds of music sites online that educate readers on the influential bands of this time period as well as letting them listen to the music.  You can learn about some of the most popular bands, and the most popular songs from this decade as well.  If you really like the music then there are other sites that allow you to download the heavy rock for a decent price.  Once you have designated an album that you would like to purchase you can either have the album shipped to you or have it downloaded straight to your computer.  This allows you to listen to your favorite songs from the 80′s over and over again.

Take the time to do some research and find out more about how the 80′s shaped the way we listen to music today.  You might be suprised at how much you can learn about our society from the music of our past.  1980\’s rock music has a sound of its own and was a defining period for rock and roll.