Rock and Women

rockonline rockers wivesRock and Women

One of the main reasons that guys get into music is of course, the women. What is it about rock and roll and musicians that really gets a woman’s blood going? Is it that musicians are sensitive or unobtainable? Is there one thing that can be pinpointed in the life of a rocker that could be bottled, taught or mass produced? Probably not, there’s not bodywash or cologne that turns you into a rock star.

Rock Secrets

What is the secret of rockers that lands them the adoration of so many women? Studies have shown that rockers get all of the women because being a rocker incorporates everything that is traditionally attractive to a woman. Power, money, fast life, mystery, hard to get, there’s something in the life of a rocker for just about any interest a woman might have in a man. What kind of woman makes a rocker settle down? If you consider the wives of some of the most famous rockstars, you’ll see a very clear pattern in personality type, but the main one is the same in any woman that might marry a soldier, policeman, fireman and that’s understanding that their man will be away. A rocker’s wife has to be just a strong understanding woman.

Much Respect

Rocker’s wives deserve a lot of respect. It can’t be an easy life, sure the mega cash helps, the cars, the designer shoes but I’m sure it can get really lonely for them. So here’s to your wives or rockers!

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