Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd is an English rock band formed in 1965. They are also known as The Tea Set, The Pink Floyd Sound, and even The Pink Floyd. They are officially listed in the progressive and even the less considered psychedelic rock categories. They began with psychedelic music in the late 1960s and as they evolved in the 1970s they began to play more progressive rock. They are one of rock music’s most critically acclaimed and commercially successful acts. The group has sold over 200 million albums worldwide, including 74.5 million units certified in the United States.

They originally consisted of university students Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Richard Wright, and Syd Barrett. They were popular in the underground music scene in London. IN 1968 Barrett was removed because of his erratic behavior and guitarist and singer David Gilmour joined the line-up. Following Barrett’s removal Roger Waters became the lyricist and the go-to figure that would lead Pink Floyd to international success. They had immense critical and commercial success with albums like The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, and rock opera The Wall. Waters left the band in 1985 and they failed to have the type of success they had before his departure. Gilmour, Wright, and Mason continued recording and touring with the Pink Floyd name even after this time. Waters was not ok with that and sued to stop them from using the Pink Floyd name. They reached out of court settlement and the Pink Floyd band that continued did have some success with albums A Momentary Lapse of Reason, and The Division Bell. Waters would go on to have a great solo career and released three studio albums. At Live 8, Waters rejoined the group to have a final walk-off performance in 2005.

Pink Floyd Live Video Comfortably Numb


Pink Floyd had been nominated for and has received many awards: a Grammy in 1995 for the best instrumental rock performance on the Marooned album. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996 and the United Kingdom Music Hall of Fame in 2005. They were awarded the Polar Music Prize for their contribution to the music industry in 2008. Waters and Mason received that award from King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. They also were awarded some technical awards including a Best Engineered Non-Classical Album Grammy in 1980 for The Wall and a BAFTA for sound in 1982 for the film version of The Wall.

Pink Floyd is truly regarded as one of the pioneers in the live music concert experience. They are renowned for their lavish stage shows. As performers, they became secondary to the spectacle of the show.