Rock Games – The Games Featuring Rock!

Rock n Roll based games have been around since the late 80′s.  If you remember games like Aerosmith at the arcades then you’ll probably remember the Rock n Roll video game for the Atari and Commodore 64.  Just like similar computer games from that era, Rock ‘n’ Roll was a puzzle game and included over thirty levels and a bonus one.  Did it have anything to do with music?  Nope.  Now we move up into the 90s and 2000′s and we have games like Rock Band, the Voice and Guitar Hero.

Guitar hero is the game that really changed the way that people thought about Rock and video games.  It gave players a real feel of playing the music they used to air guitar to.  With the popularity of these games, developers from all areas of gaming started creating music related gaming.  One notable game that is on the fringes is Rockstar by Betsoft.  That game really heavily features a rock and roll influence for a totally different set of gamers.

All in all, we can expect to see a lot more music and rock related gaming over the next few years.  As some of the song catalogs open up, we’ll also start seeing a lot more karaoke related gaming especially from Microsoft and Sony.