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Drummers that are Lead SingersDrummers That are Lead Singers

I was listening to Cowboy Mouth, no hell no NOT SMASHMOUTH, anyway it got me thinking about bands that have lead singers that are also the drummer. They are definitely a rare breed and there’s some that come to mind but I was wondering if any of the Rock Online visitors knew any of this trivia?

Let me know of some of the bands you can think of that have drummers that are lead singers.

Fred LeBlanc

Fred LeBlanc is the lead singer/drummer of Cowboy Mouth btw. ┬áHe’s pictured below:


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  1. Mack Kinley says:

    Shivika Asthana from Papas Fritas

  2. Dean says:

    Georgia Hubley from Yo La Tengo

  3. Leslie Long says:

    Janet Weiss, drummer of Sleater-Kinney

  4. Brent Davis says:

    Kevin from the Scrantonicity (The Office, seriously though I’m good at trivia and this is an awesome trivia question. I think Chris Cornell used to sing from the drummers stool when he was in Nirvana.

  5. Not a Douche says:

    The Gunga Din
    Yo La Tengo, but I noticed Dean already said them so I say New Radiant Storm King instead!

  6. kIsS fAn says:

    I’m surprised no one has said Peter Criss of KISS that’s who came to my mind immediately!

  7. Rick Cohn says:

    Heavens to Betsy drummer, Tracy Sawyer
    Wasn’t the singer of Red Kross also the drummer?

  8. Leland Nash says:

    Um WTH? Phil Collins! He was the ultimate singer/drummer, you guys are slippin!

  9. Jack Irish says:

    Are we talking full time singer/drummer because there are so few of those, be there are way more part time singer/drummers, especially if someone called out sick :) What about Peter Hoorelbeke ore even “Country Dick” Montana of The Beat Farmers?

  10. Lovely Jane says:

    Here’s three for you guys

    Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees
    Karen Carpenter
    Don Henley

  11. Priscilla Jordan says:

    I could only come up with three because someone took Peter Hoorelbeke so these are mine Dave Grohl,The Powerpuff Girls and
    Mates of State

  12. Nikolas Graham says:

    Matsuya Yoshida of The Ruins

  13. Erica Rhodes says:


  14. Barker James says:

    Did someone already say Sinkhole?

  15. William Conkey says:

    Best band ever – Thirsty

  16. William Conkey says:

    Oh and Spiderbait’s vocalist is the drummer almost forgot

  17. Sarah Pritchard says:

    Keish from the Hard 0ns

  18. Night Ranger says:

    Kelly Keagy was the drummer for Night Ranger

  19. Harlan says:

    The guy that put Triumph – his name is Gil Moore of Triumph

  20. John Leffer says:

    Gary Lewis & The Playboys

  21. Issac M says:

    Chris Cornell sang but I don’t know if he played drums and sang at the same time.

  22. Sally R. says:

    Max Weinberg and the Max Weinberg 7

  23. Frank says:

    Lightning Bolt

  24. Leslie Long says:

    Dave Clark 5

  25. Gen. Contractor says:

    Dan Beehler from Exciter
    The drummer from the Romantics

  26. Eric Clark says:

    Ringo Starr would count right?

  27. Dylan Thomas says:

    Rare Earth

  28. Stephy says:

    I think Grant Hart from Husker Du

  29. Daniel Kurshton says:

    Levon Helm

  30. Puck says:

    Robert Wyatt of Soft Machine

  31. I saw Cowboy Mouth in concert in Atlanta a couple of years back and they were amazing. Really down to earth band, we even got photos with them out in the lobby. A band with a drummer for the singer is really something to see. I would imagine it takes at least 3 times the energy of just doing one of the jobs.

  32. Marcio Marx says:

    Don Brewer, from Grand Funk Railroad! Hail to Brasil whith s

  33. a white says:

    Darius Rucker of Hootie and the Blowfish

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