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rock onlineWhen is the last time that you bought a CD?  Have you been into a music store lately or are those all dying off too?  Everyone seems to be moving over to digital music, keeping their records, 8 tracks, cd’s and tapes as nostalgic reminders of how music used to be.

Digital music has done a lot of good and a lot of bad for the industry.  The good is that telling someone about a kick ass new band is ultimately that much simpler to do now.  You can find young new talent and actually be a part of their rise to fame without ever leaving your computer.  That freakin’ rocks.  Now the bad side in the beginning was artists weren’t getting their money.  That on the most part is starting to turn around finally.

New artists are making deals with iTunes and completely cutting out the middle man agent, so that means a bigger share, but doesn’t that make Apple the agent?  In a way yes and no.  Apple does get a hefty cut of everything from a song to an app and this consolidation of power is a bit dangerous as many independent record companies are dying out.  Those calling themselves independent often are selling their music on iTunes, so how independent does that actually make them?  I’m not saying iTunes is bad in anyway, but if a band is calling themselves independent, then they actually should live up to their claim.  That means exclusively selling their music from their website, independent of iTunes or other MegaMonster song distributors.

Another nice benefit to society is that a lot of these rockers don’t travel, never once went on a tour and have never seen a tour bus.  OK, bad for the soul of rock, makes rock a little more lazy, but great for society.  Towns don’t have to worry about their girl’s virginity being lost to some out of town rocker and STD’s are on the decline.  You think I’m kidding right?  The problem with digital music and what it is doing to rock is that it is leaving mega bands, which are dying out rapidly, to be the only thing new rockers are going to know of concerts.  Bring back the dive bar tours, bring back city to city touring night after night.  Come on new guys, step it up, live up to your predecessors and rock like they used to.  Probably good to stay away from all of the drugs and too much drinking, that part you can skip, but tour!

OK, Rock on.


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