rock onlineMotorHead is a heavy metal rock band formed in Britian in 1975. The band has been through a number of different members with the creator, Ian Fraser Kilmister also known as Lemmy, has maintained the only one who has stayed all the way through.
The rock and roll band experienced a lot of success in the 1980’s with many singles topping the UK top 40 chart and has found great success on Radio 1in Britain as well as KissFM in the US. The band has produced over 20 albums since their creation through a series of different labels. The most recent album “The World Is Yours” was just released in 2010, and the band plans on accompanying it with a tour to take place in the America’s in 2011.
The most recent performance was in early march 2011 on the Jimmy Fallon show. This coming August the band plans on playing at the Brutal Assault which is an open air music festival being held in the Czech Republic.


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