What are Shows Like American Idol Doing to Rock?

rock onlineAre shows like American Idol hurting or helping the rock industry?  It’s hard to say, but it seems to be making a cookie cutter impression on rock and letting the supposedly next big start to be chosen by millions of tweens or anyone with a cell phone.  If you have ever followed a Rock band from their meager start in dive bars or playing at proms, then you understand what it’s really like to be a fan.  While there is some of that element in shows like American Idol, it just isn’t the same.  The contribution of a phone call to boost a contestants career just can’t compare with standing front stage, cheering on a talented rock star that you paid twelve bucks or more to see.  That is a direct contribution to the career of that rock star just like buying a tshirt or their cd is a direct contribution.

American Idol just isn’t the same and it is trying to bottle a feeling that just cannot be contained.  That feeling is rocking out at a rock show, hanging with the band after the show, travelling city to city just to hear another killer concert.  That feeling can never be marketed on television or sold in stores, its a live only experience.

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